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Corinthians 13 - John 3:16 - Matthew 22:36-40
"The Palestinian people does not exist." -PLO Executive, Zahir Muhsein
"if by supporting the rights of mankind... I shall contribute to save from the agonies of death one unfortunate victim of tyranny, or of ignorance, equally fatal, his blessing and tears of transport will be a sufficient consolation to me for the contempt of all mankind."-Marchese di Beccaria
"Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder." -Rumi


Babies aren’t murderers, stop executing them.

Babies aren’t murderers, stop executing them.


Libertarian Utopian, someone who is not a Conservative Libertarian, but believes in a perfect world, or a perfect transition to a libertarian world in spite of the imperfectability of people. Ppl who are anti US Constitution pro-Articles of Confederation or worse.

Armstrong and Getty Interview Tom McClintock 2-7-13 H3 starts 25:30 in

"Karl Rove has done more damage to the Republican Party than anyone short of John Wilkes Booth."- Tom McClintock

“I am a libertarian with a small “l” and a Republican with a capital “R”. And I am a Republican with a capital “R” on grounds of expediency, not on principle.”

Milton Friedman

The worst neocon ever

(via communismkills)

Van Jones: Libertarians are bigots
  • 04/10/12

Stu argues “its not the Government, Its the people”

Have I posted this before? >_> maybe in my first tumblr which I deleted~ [its the nolan chart] According to which I’m a Liberterarian =3

Have I posted this before? >_> maybe in my first tumblr which I deleted~ [its the nolan chart] According to which I’m a Liberterarian =3

GB: Rick Santorum Expands on his comments on the Constitution, Declaration, Ron Paul, & the The French

Bruce Benson on the Evolution of Law [Meaning Societal Rules Including but not limited to ‘law of government’]

“To every individual in nature is given an individual property by nature not to be invaded or usurped by any. For every one, as he is himself, so he has a self-propriety, else could he not be himself; and of this no second may presume to deprive any of without manifest violation and affront to the very principles of nature and of the rules of equity and justice between man and man. Mine and thine cannot be, except this be. No man has power over my rights and liberties, and I over no man’s. I may be but an individual, enjoy my self and my self-propriety and may right myself no more than my self, or presume any further; if I do, I am an encroacher and an invader upon another man’s right — to which I have no right. For by natural birth all men are equally and alike born to like propriety, liberty and freedom; and as we are delivered of God by the hand of nature into this world, every one with a natural, innate freedom and propriety — as it were writ in the table of every man’s heart, never to be obliterated — even so are we to live, everyone equally and alike to enjoy his birthright and privilege; even all whereof God by nature has made him free.”

An Arrow Against All Tyrants by Richard Overton 1646