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Corinthians 13 - John 3:16 - Matthew 22:36-40
"The Palestinian people does not exist." -PLO Executive, Zahir Muhsein
"if by supporting the rights of mankind... I shall contribute to save from the agonies of death one unfortunate victim of tyranny, or of ignorance, equally fatal, his blessing and tears of transport will be a sufficient consolation to me for the contempt of all mankind."-Marchese di Beccaria
"Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder." -Rumi


“According to the Justice Department’s National Drug Intelligence Center, Mexican drug cartels have a presence–either direct or by proxy, in over one-thousand U.S. cities. Ninety percent of the illegal drugs consumed in this country come from our neighbor to the south,”

In another incident, from May 2011, a local news station in San Diego interviewed a former U.S. intelligence agent (his name and agency were never mentioned) who said, “We are looking at 15 to 20 years that Hezbollah has been setting up shop in Mexico.” He also told the news station that Hezbollah is partnering with unidentified drug organizations, and that the group receives cartel cash and protection in exchange for Hezbollah expertise, “from money laundering to firearms training and explosives training.”

As mentioned earlier, the U.S. gets 90 percent of its drug supply from Mexico, which would make us sort of a preferred customer of the cartels. And while a lot of the drugs come across the border hidden in secret trunk compartments or carried by “drug mules,” cartels have had to get creative in order to keep up with the demand. And right now, their business is booming.

The use of border tunnels, drug submarines and ultralight planes is becoming increasingly more common for drug traffickers who want to minimize the risk of being caught and get their drugs into the U.S.